About Us

our vision is simple.
We look forward to a future where every orphaned and abandoned child is allowed to live with the basic dignities every one deserves.

our mission is personal.
The Lucas Legacy is dedicated to maintaining the dignity of the African orphan by creating partnerships with the homes supporting them. 

our history is heartbreaking.
The experience of living side-by-side with Africa's most vulnerable orphans has taught me a lot of things. It has taught me that until setting foot on that continent, I had no idea what real poverty looked like, nor what it truly meant to live on empty.

Over the past five years I have spent time within five different African baby homes, more commonly known as orphanages. The homes I stayed in were located all over the continent, one in the west, two in the east, and two in the south. While all were incredibly different and unique - there were some very key similarities that made a great impact on me.

Each of these baby homes have saved hundred of orphans, taking in abandoned infants and toddlers and giving them food, shelter, and basic care. However, many are lacking the funds needed to provide items necessary for the essential comfort every child deserves, such as diapers, forks, and mosquito nets without holes.

For a home to be blessed with assistance in any one of these small things would allow the babies who reside there to live with a simple dignity while they wait.

In May of 2012, The Lucas Legacy Foundation was created. Named in memory of Lucas Ssuna, a young orphan who died in a Ugandan orphanage while waiting for a family, the goal of the foundation is to thank the homes caring for these vulnerable children by blessing them with some of their basic needs.

Thank you for joining with us,

Anna Guntlisbergen, Founder of The Lucas Legacy

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